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What makes us standout?

We take pride in providing the right solution the first time. We listen to you and we keep the lines of communication open which is vital for a successful partnership. We understand that all of our clients are unique. We don't suggest the same cookie cutter solutions other competitors offer. Overlook IT understands that slow responses cost money and this is why we are always ready to help 24/7/365.

Overlook IT prides itself in delivering services with confidence and integrity. Our engineers provide attention to detail and are focused in customer satisfaction every time. We help our clients with day-to-day operations and provide customized solutions to fit your needs. When clients look for IT services it becomes one of their biggest investments. Our goal is to build a solid relationship, and strive to provide a clear return in ROI. 
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When clients seek our services one of the many frustrations they express is unpredictable billing and little to no response in resolving issues in a timely manner. We provide several ways of helping you with predictable billing and avoid surprises.  Overlook IT helps grow your business the way you envision and deserve it. Our flat-rate service plan will provide your company enterprise-level IT support and solutions that are tailor-made to relieve any IT induced pain points your business may have. 
Proactive Monitoring
No surprises
Predictable Billing
Data/Network safety
Cyber Security
Keep your business running
Risk Analysis
Data redundancy
Backup & DR Solutions
Peace of mind
Strategic IT Solutions
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How we work with you

First we learn bout your business runs. We listen to your current issues and learn about your short & long term goals. Why are we worried about long term goals? We don’t just solve your current problems with quick fixes. We work on a solution that remedies it now but is also stable and a sustainable long term solution.

The next step after meeting you and your team is to review your infrastructure by providing you with an IT Infrastructure analysis report. The analysis will provide you and us with a better view of your infrastructure. The analysis helps identify what  is causing your current set of issues and will uncover any security risks to your business. 

During this process we review the discovery from the Analysis with you. We outline the issues from high to low impact, and provide you with several remediation steps that are cost effective. We recommend steps to avoid productivity loss to your business but also provide quick wins for long term success.

Once we have agreed with you on the next step we implement the solution working with you until it is complete. What is complete? That is discussed during the planning stage and when our clients are satisfied. We work with you throughout the onboarding phase to keep you updated on progress and to minimize business productivity risks.

Support & Monitor
Starting with the analyze stage we monitor and continue to monitor. We avoid having any unplanned productivity downtime to your business and continue to work with you after the implementation. In our experience what is captured during the analyze phase might not be the same during the planning and/or during the execution phase. Monitoring is vital throughout the process to ensure a proper migration, implementation or installation. We are with you through every step and even after the work is complete.