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Focus on your Business

While we overlook your IT

Making technology work for you
Overlook IT is a professional IT consulting firm helping small and medium sized businesses based in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. We help our clients by allowing them to dedicate internal resources to increase efficiency and productivity to their core business. Our clients know where they want to be, and we help achieve those goals.  When it comes to providing IT Support, IT Consulting, Cyber Security or Managed IT services we raise the bar with our suite of services. We can supplement your current IT staff and provide IT Support at different tiers or we can help reduce your in-house IT costs.  
Are you having to deal with IT issues at the worst time? Are you looking to increase efficiency and productivity with minimal downtime to your business? Proactive 24/7 monitoring allows us to identify issues and have a solution ready before they cost your business time and money is our goal. Rest assured that choosing us to be your IT partner will exceed ROI expectations. Our dedicated expertise will allow your business to become more agile and dynamic, no matter the size of your business or goals.

 Managed IT Services

With extensive technology expertise and deep customer-service focus we can deliver cost effective solutions to your IT needs within your budget. While our clients focus on running the core of its business, you can rest assured that we can provide personal technical resources, great customer service, and consistently add value throughout your entire customer experience. 
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IT Consulting

You need answers to rapid changing technology. We take a pragmatic approach on designing the right solution that fits your needs. We are vendor agnostic and use the solution that gets the job done and keep costs low. Unlike other IT Service providers we don't over engineer solutions.
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Your success matters

Our success is measured by our clients satisfaction and ongoing partnership.

IT Support & Help Desk

While you focus on your business Overlook IT monitors and manages your infrastructure round the clock.  With proactive monitoring we Identify and fix issues before they become disasters. When you call us you are connected to a qualified Engineer to handle your questions and not a tiered support system.  Working with a local IT support staff means you get to familiarize and form a trust that we will work to answer your IT related questions or issues.  
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Cyber Security

With daily threats coming from internal and external sources, traditional security solutions are no longer valid options. We use several layers to secure your business, that include several types of network and host based intrusion detection systems that analyze logs and take action if warranted to keep your infrastructure secure. Best practice and industry standard platforms are implemented to constantly evolve for current and future threats.
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We offer a variety of other IT services

How we work with you

Listen and Learn

We first work to undertand your business and the pain points you may have. We then analyze your IT stack ranging from physical hardware reviews to log analysis of your network and systems.

Design a plan

After reviewing the IT analysis, we review the findings with you and suggest a plan of action.


We deploy the agreed upon plan. During the onboarding phase we continue to analyze your systems to avoid any business distruption.

Support and Monitor

Provide 24/7 IT support and proactive monitoring